A Battle of Faith & Love

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So the past week was a pretty long stressful one. Yesterday at work I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown, there was so much to do, and so many constituents were calling and being difficult. But I made it through the day, went home, read a little, then fell asleep.

I know I made a bit of a stir with my two most recent posts. I’ve gotten a good deal of feedback, and I want to say thank you to all that commented. The comments were from a broad spectrum, but they all had insighful things to say. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get around to writing a Part III to the series, and responded to some of the comments.

Today I spent the day cleaning and organizing things, and washed and deep conditioned my hair. In fact, I need to go rinse out the conditioner soon. I have to finish cleaning up and start getting ready, Ivan and I are going out – it’s one of his friend’s birthdays. I also need to grab something to eat!

I’ve been working at eating right and exercising more, I have about 12 lbs that I need to lose. I’m in pretty good shape overall, but I want to slim out a little, and reclaim my muscle tone. When I was in the Navy I was lean and fit, but four years of office jobs and pulling all-nighters for school has changed all that. And with me possibly going to law school in the fall, I need to start a regimen and stick to it, since most of my time would go to sitting on my butt trying to decipher legal jargon.

Wash rinse repeat!!!


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