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Belated Birthday Gift


Ivan bought me this cool hand warming whale mouse pad for my birthday. He bought it online, and the seller is in Hong Kong. Needless to say, it came over three weeks late, but I love it!

Yeah, I’m a big geeky computer nerd, I know!



  Koonj wrote @

That IS a cool present. 🙂

  chickpea wrote @

Yeah I’m totally loving it! I’ve started using my wireless mouse with my laptop just so I can use it and enjoy its warmth at home!

  Koonj wrote @

Good! And in a way it’s an Ivan-intro to the parents, right? 🙂

  chickpea wrote @

Oh I told my mom that he got it for me and she’s like that’s so sweet of him! “Tell him to come over for dinner this weekend, tell him to marry you, tell him I want russian grandkids, etc.”

I’m working on the “you must meet my mom, and soon” thing. I dunno what it is about family that scares men.

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