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Meet & Greet

I’ve been wanting Ivan to meet my mother for a while now. I want him to meet both my parents, but think that meeting my mom first would be less intimidating. As I mentioned before, my parents know that he is a good friend of mine, and every now and then when I mention him they say “Oh we want to meet this mystery man.”

Needless to say, Ivan is nervous about meeting my mom. I’ve met most of his family (been to dinner with his brother & his brother’s family), but not yet his parents. His parents know about me though, he tells his mom about me, and I’m sure that his brother has given his input too.

Now that it’s a new year and my time is running out, Ivan’s gonna have to meet Mom. Soon. Ideally it’ll just be a brief meeting so she can see who he is and what he looks like and have proof that he’s not an imaginary friend of mine. She’ll probably tell a funny story and tell him he’s cute and that he should marry me so she can have Russian grandchildren. My mom is funny like that.


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