A Battle of Faith & Love

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The Countdown Begins..

So I figure that I have less than four months to sit down with my parents and discuss all of this. Hopefully I’ll get up the nerve and strength (and have everything figured out) by the time April rolls around. I want to tell them before my graduation so that they will have some time to react, etc. Hopefully they will still come to my graduation.

I’m thinking that the reaction by my mother will be a lot calmer than my dad. She knows that Ivan is a good friend of mine, and she always jokes with me that I should marry him, “he doesn’t have to be religious.” I wonder how loosely I can interpret that statement!

Things with my dad will no doubt be more difficult, but I’m starting to feel that he wont disown me. He’ll be super pissed and our relationship will definitely change, but I’m hoping that if things don’t go well that eventually he’ll calm down and participate in my life. I think most likely reaction is “You know this is wrong, you will become an apostate if he does not convert, etc etc etc.” Hopefully he wont forget how much I’ve accomplished and how hard I’ve worked over the past few years and how I’ve always tried to make both him and my mother proud.

Is that too much to ask?


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