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Up and Running…

My new domain/website is up and running. I’ll probably still post here for a while, but be sure to update any links and visit my new place: chickpealove.com/blog.

Over the next few weeks I’ll start importing my other blog that I don’t use as much, so ideally everything will be consolidated. I’m still not 100% about doing that, since my other blog doesn’t really have a subject that I focus on, so therefore the posts are a little all over the place.

Get a move on!!


Domain Name..

So I’m thinking of getting a domain name and hosting this blog on WordPress.org. I love WordPress.com, but I feel like I might be outgrowing all the services, etc.

Faithandlove [dot] com is taken, and so is loveandfaith [dot] com. My friend suggested garbanzolove [dot] com, which seems cute and cool. I want something that gets across what my blog is about, but I don’t want it to be corny or to decide three months from now that it’s a boring name.

Any suggestions?

update: Being the impatient person I am, I went ahead and chose a domain name and everything. By the end of the day http://chickpealove.com should be live! I’m so excited!

Ready to Explode…

Every few weeks the stress gets to me for a few hours and I feel like I’m going to explode. I have the urge to call my mom and just spill every thing to her, and deal with the consequences and repercussions afterwards. This evening I’m having one of those moments. Doubt and confusion surrounds me and I question whether or not I know what the hell I’m doing.

Interestingly enough, most of the time I have a moment like this, I don’t focus that much on the whole religion aspect. I’m more concerned about the impact that all this will have on my relationship with my parents. I don’t want to disappoint them, but at the same time I realize that I have to live my life for myself and no one else. Not my parents, not Ivan.

I need a vacation….

p.s. Thanks to everyone that commented on my previous posts. I got a wide array of input and suggestions, and although I don’t necessarily agree with everything that people said, it still means a lot that there are people willing to give input on a rather touchy subject while remaining polite and considerate. Please keep the comments coming!

Back in Academic Action

Classes started last Monday. Tomorrow I have class at 8:30 in the morning. So far it seems to be a decent semester, I’m only taking 12 credits this time around. I’m taking:

Geology 120

State & Local Politics in NJ

Western Political Theory

If anything, the last course will be the toughest, but I only have that once a week and it’s just two exams and a paper.

I added a countdown ticker to my Google start page, and I apparently have 110 days until graduation. Which means that I have like 85 days max to tell my parents. I’ve gotten some really interesting and supportive comments from my “Losing My Religionposts, and I’ve spent the last few days thinking over things, and considering all the possible outcomes.

I’m thinking of talking with my aunt about this situation. She’s my father’s sister, and a non-Muslim. She and I are very close, and her and my father are close as well, even moreso since the passing of my grandmother this past November. She has no children, so I’m the closest thing she has to a daughter, and she’s always there to give me advice and support. I’m thinking that by talking to her I can get some well needed feedback, and she could possibly support my decision when I go to my parents.

Ugh, class bright and early tomorrow!

I installed Windows Vista Business today!!! Wooo hooo!

Template Woes…

I just noticed that something’s up with the format/template here! When I viewed the blog this evening everything looked all awry and odd – just white with text and no background, etc.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  What is going on!

WordPress better get to work!



I got a Wii yesterday! Didn’t have to wait on any long lines or camp out over night. Just headed to Game Stop yesterday around 2:15 PM, and bought one. There were maybe 5 people in the store. I got one of the last ones they had in stock.

I’m totally loving it! I didn’t buy any extra games, so right now I only have Wii Sports. I’m going to run to Blockbuster later in the day and see what games the have.

Even Ivan likes it!



So the past week was a pretty long stressful one. Yesterday at work I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown, there was so much to do, and so many constituents were calling and being difficult. But I made it through the day, went home, read a little, then fell asleep.

I know I made a bit of a stir with my two most recent posts. I’ve gotten a good deal of feedback, and I want to say thank you to all that commented. The comments were from a broad spectrum, but they all had insighful things to say. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get around to writing a Part III to the series, and responded to some of the comments.

Today I spent the day cleaning and organizing things, and washed and deep conditioned my hair. In fact, I need to go rinse out the conditioner soon. I have to finish cleaning up and start getting ready, Ivan and I are going out – it’s one of his friend’s birthdays. I also need to grab something to eat!

I’ve been working at eating right and exercising more, I have about 12 lbs that I need to lose. I’m in pretty good shape overall, but I want to slim out a little, and reclaim my muscle tone. When I was in the Navy I was lean and fit, but four years of office jobs and pulling all-nighters for school has changed all that. And with me possibly going to law school in the fall, I need to start a regimen and stick to it, since most of my time would go to sitting on my butt trying to decipher legal jargon.

Wash rinse repeat!!!